If you think the film of Nausicaa is better than the manga, then I have absolutely no respect for you.

I am so hyped for Yelle’s new album, it’s ridiculous. 

匿名 asked:
So this is probably the least interesting question possible about moving to Japan, but uh. Does Oi Ocha taste different there? because the kind they sell here is bottled in Taiwan... which somehow seems less, uh. glamorous.

Haha, it’s a good question really! I have actually been trying a few of my favorite foods from the states over here to see if they taste the same. 

I actually have a bottle of Oi Ocha on my desk right now that I’m about to finish, and I haven’t noticed a difference. While a little less glamorous, it’s probably the exact same, in the way that big drink companies like Coke and Pepsi frequently bottle at multiple plants around the country as well as abroad to cut down on transportation/import costs. 

I’m also happy to answer any/all questions, so don’t worry if you think it’s boring or silly!

I’m feeling pretty bummed about my social life, so read at your own risk.



Grimoire 1st Clothing Line “Celestial Closet”

Blue Zodiac Dress, 24,000 yen

(出典: grimoireblog.jugem.jp)

I went to Ebisu today to help the girl who’d approached me in Harajuku last week. I knew she wanted me to be her hair and make-up model for design school (Vantan Design), but I didn’t realize that she wanted me to actually model.

Anyhow, I ended up modeling a hair+makeup+fashion look for a Nylon-inspired magazine cover. Anyone who knows me even somewhat well knows that I am really self conscious of how I look, particularly in photographs, so it was a pretty nerve-wracking (but also exciting) experience.

She said she’d let me know when the photos/cover was finished, so I’ll be sure to post about it. Here’s to hoping they got at least one good shot out it~

Yesterday I met up with an old conversation partner and we went all over, including to the Shirokuma Cafe in Takadanobaba, Shibuya 109, Sensō-ji in Asakusa, a cool bar somewhere like 15 minutes from the temple, and Roppongi (there was a pet shop with the cutest dogs, I wanted to buy and cuddle every one). 
I will upload some photos eventually!
Then today I experienced my first earthquake during the first orientation session. It was rather exciting and not very scary at all. 
I have a lot more stuff to do this afternoon/evening (the school stuff never ends -v- ) so I’m looking forward to the day off tomorrow.

Today I was totally about to try on/buy Liz Lisa/Tralala’s new “creamy” music note onepiece in offwhite/beige until my convo partner asked “would you feel comfortable wearing that in the states?”
When I looked at him sort of puzzled, he just kind of like trailed his finger across his chest and was like “uh… it says “creamy”…” in Japanese.
Then it kind of set in and I decided that was not the dress for me, even though I really love the design. 


Some recent outfits, plus a bonus Husband.

(I also got a ridiculous photo decoration app, help!)

What app are you using? These are so cute!

Photos from our adventure in Harajuku and Shibuya today. 
The last photo was taken at the top of Tokyu Plaza, where there’s currently a pop-up beer forest that serves Blue Moon!