Learning so many little kansai-ben things from line convos with friends~


not sure if this guy is asking me out on a date or just being really nice/friendly

Had a kind of stylish guy approach me while walking to the Niji french fry making party this afternoon. At first I was really confused because it seemed like he had chased me down just to give me a flier (the flier people are pretty aggressive here), but it turns out he is a hair stylist and wanted me to model for him at an upcoming event.
Unfortunately modeling meant chopping my hair off, so I politely refused.

Currently considering just never going to my Kanji class and taking the E with grace. Not sure how that would fly with my scholarship, though.

probably have throat cancer or dengue or something
sinuses and throat are killing me

Wow, epic fail
Just sent our entire “fucking gaijins” Line group the details of my text conversation with someone instead of sending it to the person I wanted to.

Crying from embarrassment and laughing too hard at my idiot self