Ugh, I have to go to the bank today and perhaps even switch banks, since it appears there’s no way for me to initiate money transfers online with my current one. 
Over the next year, I will need to somehow transfer like $12k to Japan since most of my major living expenses (rent, utilities, etc.) are going to be automatically withdrawn from my Japanese bank account and my max atm withdrawal/day is like $500. 
transfer fees and exchange rates are going to kill me

Buying phones secondhand is so stressful, gahhh *A*

Err, do any of my followers still have the iphone 4s?
If so, how is it holding up? Have the ios updates totally killed it, or would it still be decent enough to use for another year?
I need to figure out what I’m going to do phone-wise for my study abroad. While the gold 5s would be cool (and soon will be cheaper), I’m not sure I really want to drop $500+ on a phone that I will need to try to sell when I leave Japan (since they’re basically region locked). 


Illustrations by Mika Nitta

tumblr l website l dA


Figuring out a coord for Lief’s Gardenberries JSK

JSK, Hairpin: Lief

Bolero: IW

Necklace: selfmade

everything else: offbrand

i want this stupid tension headache to go away. :(
3 days and counting

Stradivarius new series print from Innocent World

I am in love with the high-waist jumperskirt in this series. *v*


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